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Every parent wants the best possible stroller for their child, but finding a stroller that is great for your child and also great for you can be difficult. There are now so many different brands and models that it is essential to do a lot of research before making a purchase. When you begin to read about the StokkeXplory strollers, you will see just why so many parents all around the world are choosing this stylish, European stroller. some of the amazing guides: best umbrella stroller 2017 and best double stroller 2017 . 

What Is the Stokke Xplory?

This is a twin level, front and rear facing stroller that is ideal for children from four pounds to forty-five pounds. For newborns, this allows them the opportunity to ride high and ride facing you, while you can also turn the seat around so they can face forward and recline in five different positions. There is also a very large storage area beneath that will enable you to store all of your personal items and everything that your baby needs, too.

What Features Does This Stroller Have?

The StokkeXplory is designed and produced in Europe with lightweight aluminum and automobile grade polymer, with SPF 50 fabric to protect your child from the sun. The seat can face both forward and backward and in five different positions, and it has a built-in canopy and sunscreen.

In addition to all of these features, the StokkeXplory can be switched to two wheels only, the front wheels can be swivelled, and the seat depth can be changed at any time to better suit your child’s needs. The altered crossbar below the seat allows you to walk with ease and not worry about kicking the stroller or tripping over it.

This stroller weighs in at 27 pounds and is capable of carrying a child between the weights of four pounds and forty-five pounds. It measures 36.5” x 22.8” x 33.6” and also comes with a substantial guarantee.

What Do Real Parents Say About TheStokkeXplory?

There are quite a few reviews online right now for this stylish, European stroller, and many of them refer to the fact that because this allows your child to see two ways in five positions, it is ideal for almost any situation.

“This is a dream come true for me. I have told all of my friends about this and many of them have body, too.”
–    Jessica, Amazon.com

“We were given this as a gift and we absolutely love it. This is a high quality stroller that is very easy to maneuver.”
–    Danielle, Amazon.com

Many parents prefer this type of stroller because it is significantly easier to drive than a traditional one, and also allows your child to sit further up, near you.

“I would never buy another stroller after this. This fits my child perfectly and is one of the best engineered strollers I have ever seen.”
–    Annie, Amazon.com

Where Can You Get The Best Price On The StokkeXplory?

It can be difficult to find the StokkeXplory in stores, and certainly not a discounted price, so purchasing this online is simply a better option. Right now, you can buy this at a much lower price online, and you will be able to choose from all seven different colors and a variety of accessories as well.

Is The Best Stroller For You?

If you are looking for the lowest price on a stroller, the n this isn’t going to be it, but if you want a high quality, built to last stroller that is also very good looking, then you are not going to get a better deal than the StokkeXplory. This unique stroller has everything you could ever want in terms of functionality, maneuverability, and accessories with the solid construction that will last for years.

Is the Stokke Xplory Worth The Price?

Finding a stroller that is suitable for your newborn and will also be in use two or three years down the line can be difficult. For that reason alone, a lot of parents end up buying multiple strollers through the first few years of their child’s life. But, when you spend a little extra on the Stokke Xplory, you will be getting a high quality and very versatile stroller that will last until your child is up and walking everywhere.

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What Is the Stokke Xplory?

This is a high quality, European constructed stroller that takes the place of several different strollers that you might otherwise buy. For instance, this is perfect for a newborn (over four pounds in weight), and can still be appropriate for a child of up to 45 pounds. For younger children, this has the ability to allow your child to sit backward and face you, while you can also flip the seat around and have your child face forward. The seat can also recline to five different positions, with an adjustable seat pad.

What Kind Of Features Does This Have?

The Stokke Xplory had a built-in sunscreen that is made from SPF 50 material. This means that your child will always be protected from the sun’s dangerous rays, and can get the rest they need when they are travelling.

This also has the ability to be carried on just two wheels, for when you are going up and down stairs, and is lightweight enough for one person to use and fold up. In other words, this has all the features you would want if you were traveling alone with your child. In spite of the fact that this weighs just 27 pounds, it is extremely sound in terms of construction and will protect your child during vigorous shopping trips as well as out in extreme weather.

What Do The Reviews Say About the Stokke Xplory?

When you read the reviews for the Stokke Xplory stroller, you will see that everyone has their own particular reason for purchasing this high-quality European stroller. Some people like it because it is sturdy and adjustable, while others simply like the design.

“My daughter is really comfortable in this, and that makes me happy. It is lightweight and easy to drive on any surface.”

–          Missy, Amazon.com

“This is probably the most sturdy stroller I have ever seen, and it has definitely been well worth the amount we spent on it.”

–          Rachel, Amazon.com

This stroller is quickly becoming one of the most popular in both cities and suburban settings, and is designed to last for years.

“A few of my friends had this stroller, and they raved about it. I have been equally pleased with the way it has performed.”

–          Delilah, Amazon.com

Where Should You Buy This Stroller?

If you were to buy this stroller in your local store, you could end up paying well over $1100, but you can get it much more affordably online. Also, by shopping online you will be able to choose from seven different colors including beige, brown, navy blue, like green, purple, red, and “blankmelange”. Also, there are a number of accessories that you can choose to purchase with this including a mosquito net, cupholder, and more.

Is the Stokke Xplory Right for You?

When you are choosing a stroller for your newborn, it is important that you buy one that will last for a number of years as your child grows. With the Stokke Xplory, you will have a stylish, high-quality stroller that will last until the time they were three or four years old, making it a very sound investment for the first few years of your child’s life.

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